We started with a concept

To build a comprehensive set of tools to manage the relationship between your employees and your company

Not just an Applicant Tracking System

Not just an Applicant Tracking system but an Employee Interaction Management system.

Built from the ground up with the latest technology, so it’s ready for the cloud, self hosting or a hybrid approach of using the cloud now for a quick start and then migrate later to hosting within your environment.

Quick and Easy

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Key Features


Build your compendium with Divisions, Departments. Track Employee Counts and FTEs and Open Positions.

Job Postings

Create Job Posting with just a couple of clicks. Click to post from your compendium.


Interact with your employees with the Employee Portal, post training and news.


Assign training requirements to a position and see completion rates on the training dashboard


Invite employees, departments or the entire company to an event. Track attendance and no-shows.


Create both temporary and permanent badging with TrackJAR.


Starter Cloud

per month

  • Amazon AWS Hosting
  • All Software Features
  • Limited to 500 Employees
  • No Maintenace Fees
  • $1500 Setup Fee

Premium Cloud

per month

  • Dedicated AWS Virtual Server
  • All Software Features
  • Limited to 2000 Employees
  • No Maintenace Fees
  • $2500 Setup Fee

On Premise

one time purchase

  • Your Servers
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Optional Accounting Integration
  • Low 18% Annual Maintenance


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